Game Business

Business for mass users

Embodying the good memories of the heart

Operated by Pirates Factory, a group company. We pursue attractive products that tickle the playful spirit and resonate with the heart, so that consumers can shape their "likes" and enjoy them even more. We are particularly strong in providing memorable memory products as "local gifts" through our sales channel of over 70,000 souvenir stores nationwide. While focusing on novelty and business perspective, we will continue to develop attractive products that appeal to the heart and make customers think, "Oh, that's interesting!

Character Art Business

Business for Core Users

Bringing cool playfulness to walls around the world

Operated by the Chara Art Group. We want people all over the world to enjoy Japan's proud POP culture, such as anime and manga, as "art". With this in mind, we plan, manufacture, and sell products that are different from conventional character goods, and are aimed at real fans who are particular about quality, as higher quality interior goods. Utilizing our extensive network of contacts in the character industry, we collaborate with writers, publishers, and TV stations. We are able to provide many customers with autographs of famous cartoonists and artists, as well as newly drawn illustration products.

Manga Ads

Manga Ads

Increase your Exposure by using Anime & Manga Characters in Ad Creatives

We at DoubleL will use the relations we have built with the various IP holders as well as our database encompassing Anime & Manga works from the 1960s to the present, to choose a fitting IP suitable for the client’s marketing activity and branding, as well as come up with story and content marketing ideas.


Web Media Business

A media platform that caters to people's "suki

We operate an information platform for anime, manga, and characters that boasts several million PV per month. The digital data assets obtained from this platform are used for IP and character selection and marketing of various products. In the future, we will become a hub for user communication and develop into a figure that can be even closer to people's "suki".

Overseas IP Business

Electronic Distribution Business

Continuing to increase the liquidity of manga

Japanese bookstores are overflowing with hundreds and thousands of manga titles. However, it is also true that there are many regions of the world where manga does not reach. We are helping to spread interesting stories and appealing characters beyond national borders. Starting with electronic distribution in several countries around the world, we are continuing to increase the liquidity of manga in Japan by increasing the means for people to reach more of the works they want to read in the form of "combined editions.