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We are the first company that world-widely deals with Japanese pop culture content. We have partnerships with many good companies and have business strategies to have capital and business tie-ups to expand each of our businesses, presupposing we have partnerships with those companies.
For instance, we have partnerships with VoyageGroup Inc.<3688>, Morpho Inc,<3653> Vector Inc,<6508> JIG-SAW Inc,<3914> etc. to have capital and business tie-ups. Even though some of companies that we have partnerships with are not listed on a stock exchange, their annual turnovers are over 15 billion yen, such as i-mobile Co., Ltd, and CYBRiDGE GROUP CORPORATION, which is a large Internet media corporation flourishing these days.

Additionally, in the second half of the year of 2016, we are going to have partnerships with major media to spread Japanese pop culture content to the world. Also, we have great stockholders and financial advisers, such as JunEmi who is an investor living in Hong Kong, Richard Lo who is a member of the family founded Hong Seng Bank, Kiyohiro Sugashita who is a professional on markets, etc.

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Connect and brighten the world through Japanese Pop Culture.


We manage intellectual property (IP) for manga, anime and games by negotiating with the right holders directly. We have firm relationships and networks with them. Because of that, we can do many kinds of businesses with the IPs, which cannot be utilized for business usually. In addition, we can do business in Middle East and South America and find new markets for manga, anime and games.


We are the leading company covering all fields of Japanese popular culture and providing contents.





Startup and development of Japanese pop culture contents to expand the markets in the world.

It's been a while since the word to describe a policy of Japan's new status as a cultural influence is called "Cool Japan" came out. The Japanese pop culture industry hasn't been well-managed yet. Or rather, to make matters worse, it turns out that a certain very big anime studio went bankrupt and the harsh work environment for animators in the anime industry was reviled. In fact, the Japanese pop culture industry's business has been controlled by some influential creators and the production partnerships create the contents, just accepting requests from their stockholders.

Our strengths are that we are a startup and have firm networks with right holders. That way, we can bring out manga, anime and those Japanese pop culture contents faster than any other companies and create a profitable Japanese pop culture contents business model like Hollywood’s film industry business model.


We have formed capital and business alliances with Japan’s leading companies and partnership with shareholders with a view to expanding our business inside and outside Japan.


Overview of Doublel,Inc.

Company Name Doublel,Inc.
Established June 4, 2014
Location Office T&U 7F, 1-10-10 Higashi Gotanda. Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Approximately 3 minutes walk from Gotanda Station on the Yamanote Line
CEO Akihito Hotehama
Number of employees 20 (including 3 members of the board of the directors)
Capital 148 million yen (including capital reserve)
Our clients CyberAgent,Inc. Drecom Co.,Ltd. AXEL MARK INC. F@N Communications,Inc. VOYAGE GROUP Inc. i-mobile Co.,Ltd. Apple Japan. Google Inc. GMO Internet,Inc. etc.
CEO’s Profile Introduction of Doublel,Inc. Chief Executive Officer
Akihito HOTEHAMA (31)
  • Entered the University of Tokyo in 2002.
  • Formed the University of Tokyo Startups Club TNK
    → produced many entrepreneurs starting up their companies including Gunosy Inc. listed on Mothers
  • Established a group of companies which consists of private-tutoring schools in 2006
  • Founded mobile games companies, aiming to promote academic-industrial alliance by providing apps to learn academic disciplines, like mathematics, science, Japanese, history etc.
  • Established Doublel,Inc. in 2014.


  • Renewed the website, a group of manga artists, "Pokeman".
  • Established Manga Rimeiku Fando, which is a fundraiser to remake old popular manga with Evergreen Securities Inc. (Head office: Minato, Tokyo, CEO: Masahiro Idutsu)
  • Published interview with CEO Akihito Hotehama on ASCII.jp.
  • Published interview with CEO Akihito Hotehama on "Shikin chotatsu no pro", which is one of the largest websites to procure funds.Published interview with CEO Akihito Hotehama on professional of procurement of funds. (Shikin chotatsu pro)
  • Released "Crying Freeman" on "Manoh," which is a free manga app made by DoubleL Inc.
  • Released the autobiographical manga of Kimio Yanagisawa, "Great Citizen" (Daishimin)" on "Manoh," which is a free manga app by DoubleL Inc.
  • Hiroshi Ogino who is very familiar with the manga industry assumed an advisor.
  • Published interview with CEO Akihito Hotehama on "Gurobaru Rida karano Teigen", which is a magazine that publishes words of people do well with their works globally published by Shingakutsushin.
  • Released a popular manga, "The Wrecker Gen" from chapter 1 to chapter 100.
  • Hirohumi Inoue who worked at CA MOBILE LTD. assumed a member of the board of the directors.
  • Published encouraging words to senior high school affiliated to Tokai University on Kanagawa newspaper.
  • Released the website, "Manoh".

We are recruiting our "nakama" who can work with us to realize our vision, such as content producers, media managers, and so on.

Also, we have new ways of recruiting such as "remote work recruitment (recruitment for working at a place where you prefer to work), CEO recruitment (recruitment of people who have managed at least a company)" and "housewife/househusband recruitment (recruitment of people who do housework).

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us, sending a message at the bottom of this website, or emailing us, clicking the following button.



What we can do for you, to produce contents of games, comics and animation.


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